Bride kidnap

It all started in her sister’s wedding which we have covered two years back which is a love marriage and when our bride has decided that her wedding will be filmed by yellow window photography. Now it’s an arranged marriage and all bridal rituals and functions are completed and here comes the big day.

It’s early morning and exact time is 5:00 AM that is when we started taking videos and photos of bridal makeover, which is completed by 7 am. At the same time, the pandit is supposed to be there in the mandap but he said, he’ll be late by 30 minutes. Muhurtham time is 9:40 am and everyone in the house are busy with their Wedding chores and chaos.

We (Yellow window photography team) are not satisfied with the regular bridal photoshoot, and we thought this is an opportunity and asked if we can have a photo session somewhere else.

Our bride gave an adorable smile and said, I really wish to do it if I can get best photographs of me but now, I am not supposed to go outside and my family is going to kill us if they get to know about it so let’s just leave this idea. Meanwhile. I thought of concept and explained the same to the bride on which she gave an optimistic smile which we considered as yes and planned for an escape for photoshoot and here it goes

Time on the clock strikes 7:25 am where Kranthi our Candid photographer is ready with a car outside the house and when everyone is busy with their work, we managed to get out of the house and get in the car and set out for a photoshoot successfully.

There’s a farm 1 KM away from bride’s house, where we planned to get the shoot done. We arrived there at 7:35 am and finally! We started the photoshoot for the bride. The shoot went on smoothly for 15 minutes and everyone’s phone was ringing which we did not care about and continued shoot and suddenly we got a call from Abhi, one of our crew only the we realised that he’s left out at the house and when we answered the call, he was like

Anna (Brother), Please come as soon as possible, there’s a lot of hustle bustle going on in bride’s place, they’re worried and can burst out anytime. We listened to him and cut the call. We completed photoshoot by 8:10 am and instead of going to bride’s home, we went to hall directly where everyone was ready to burst out, so we have sent bride alone and she have convinced the family members and calm them down.

Bride side people have reached the hall at 8:30 am and everyone was asking for Ravi but I became one among them and for one by one I explained the whole scenario and convinced everyone and completed shoot in a way where the family and the bride got satisfied.

Wedding is done and it’s time for appaginthalu (Bidhaai). Bride and groom went to the car and came back to me. They hugged me tight and said, from today, your part of the family. Everyone there appreciated us and were happy with our work. With a beaming smile they said, We’re always with you.

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