Dad’s Little Princess | The Bride Story | Harshini – Mouli

When The Bride is Dad’s Little Princess
Every woman’s first and best hero is her father.
Similarly, the biggest occasion in every woman’s life is… her wedding day!
Let’s hear it from a father’s words…
Father: When my wife was pregnant, our entire family was waiting with excitement at the hospital. The moment the nurse told us that we were blessed with a baby girl, I was eagerly longing for when I would get to see my baby. Till today, my wife tells everyone that the moment I saw my daughter, I immediately started crying because that was the happiest day in my life. Since then, we gave our daughter Harshini everything she asked for. The entire family loved and pampered her and she was always the best at education and sports…
Harshini (The Bride) is the only girl child out of six cousins living together in a joint family, As a child, Harshini was always happy and friendly with everyone. Especially with her brothers, she was playful and affectionate. As she grew older, despite being busy with work, her family was always her priority. She was so intelligent that in some situations, she also gave advice to her father who was an Advocate. With the help and support of her parents, she has become successful in everything she planned to do.
When talking to our team, Harshini’s father recalled a story. He said that – Once, when Harshini was young, she was playing and unknowingly she got lost. We were in tears and searched everywhere with worry and tension. But four hours later, when we found her at a distance, giggling and running towards us, I forgot all my tension and just cried like a child as I hugged my baby daughter. Even when telling this incident to you, I have tears in my eyes, but a smile on my lips at the fond memory.
Harshini (The Bride): To me, my father is my best friend. Right from school exams, college exams till my job interviews, my father used to drop me everywhere. Actually, I used to beg him to come because he gave me strength and made me feel confident. When I entered the exam hall or interview location, I always felt like his wishes were lucky to me.
He used to wait outside the exam centre till I finished my examination and once I came out, he never asked me how the exam went. My expressions were enough. If I was dull, he would understand that I didn’t do well in my exam and without talking about it, he would take me around the whole village on his scooter and buy me anything I asked for till he saw a smile on my face. Despite being busy, the moment I got home, he would call my name and spend time with me. Even I used to forget everyone around me and just talk to my father about my day. My father and I were one team, while the rest of my family was another.
Suddenly, one day, when my family told me they arranged for someone to meet me for marriage, I was scared and went to my father to cry. Though he didn’t tell me anything, later my mother confessed that he felt even worse than I did.
Every woman wishes to marry a man who is like her father, taking care of her and loving her the way her father always did. I also wanted the same type of man, but my father went one step ahead and got me a man just like himself. When I spoke to Mouli (Groom) the first time, I understood how much my father searched to get me a man for me. When my mother asked me if I liked Mouli, like always, my father just understood from my expressions. Similarly, when I looked into his eyes, I saw the pain of realization that I would get married and leave him.
Soon, they planned my wedding just the way I would have dreamed for it. While my father was laughing and greeting everyone proudly, every time our eyes met, he gave me a smile that told me that even if I would soon become someone else’s queen, I would always be his little princess. When I smiled back, I hope he understood that I was telling him no matter how far I go after my marriage, he will always remain my first love…

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